A real rock'n'roll monster - National Nightmare”

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  Hailing from Helsinki Finland, National Nightmare is the real deal with huge rock pedigree featuring Jimi Sero, bass player from the legendary Smack, guitarist MELA, known from Finnish punk legend Pelle Miljoona, lead singer Sami Haxx, formerly of the Species, and drummer Tommy Gun from bands like Caroline and Liivit Boys , backing vocalist Hanna “Miss Simone” Wendelin (Sleep of Monsters, Five Fifteen)  and percussionist Mr. Voodoo (Reprinted, WOTZC) .

National Nightmare’s sound is influenced by 60’s rhythm and blues groove like TinaTurner, powerful 70’s blues based hard rock of Aerosmith and wrapped in the deceptive simplicity of old school AC/DC. Open mindedness and interesting modern musical exploration is evident. Without taking themselves too seriously the band experiments with the sound, groove and power of rock’n’roll.

In December 2016 the band released the two track single ’Night Bus’ and ’Rock’n’Roll Saves Souls’ packing a tight rhythm section, bluesy guitar hooks, great melodies and larger than life backing vocals wrapped into soulful vibe and feel good Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude. A video for ’Night Bus’ was released in February 2017.

First album “SANGRE SALVAJE” was released October 2018.
Singles and EPs: Force my hand - (which was a soundtrack in Housemarque´s “Stormdivers” PC-game trailer), Shiva, Sugar Coated, Wild Blood, Two Faced You, Shooting Star, Night Bus

Upcoming second album “HIGH LIFE” asserts National Nightmare’s status as one of the premier rock-’n’-roll bands in Finland.
“Witch”, the first single from the album, is due out May 1st 2021.

National Nightmare sounds huge, they look great, their shows are full of groove and they sprinkle their classy rock-'n'-roll lifestyle and good mood everywhere they go.

National Nightmare is known for their killer live performances, most notably warming up the Hartwall Arena for the legendary Rainbow, touring with the 69 Eyes and opening for international bands like The Bellrays, playing in Finland's premier venues Tavastia, Nosturi, Pakkahuone, Kaivohuone, among others. The band also frequently visits neighboring Russia with great success.  


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