Part 7 - 2020 Wanna be a rock-'n'-roll shhinger!! - High Life a rock-'n'-roll album

Haxx started singing lead vocals on his birthday, June 7th, 2020.  
"After 32 years of doing this one would think that it gets easier... It's hard to engineer yourself, operate the recording software and computer, touch up preamp, compressor and equalizer, then sing your best material ever and kill it with every take, evaluate the takes, edit and comp the takes, and so on. After a day's work, your brain is fried, and your nervous system is so overloaded that you cannot sleep. Still enjoying every moment." - Haxx 

Work went along well enough, considering what a shitty year 2020 was trying to be. And that he was working with unfinished bass and guitar tracks.  

“A funny thing happened...I had this broken plastic fill in my front teeth gap. I didn’t get it fixed before we started practicing, and I got it fixed before I started doing actual lead vocal recordings. My “S” sounds changed. After I recorded two songs, I had to give up. It sounded horrible. I needed to take a training break and learn how to sing with my new and shiny tooth gap. It took all of June to relearn how to say “S” again.” - Haxx